How the ChemSTEP project can help you

If you are a parent/carer of a student at secondary school or primary school and are interested in learning more about the wide variety of jobs available to those who study chemistry, ChemSTEP can help!

You can access the resources for either primary school students or secondary school students, as appropriate using the buttons below. You may wish to look at these resources independently, or along with your young person, to discover the variety of career paths, and diversity of individuals, within the chemical sciences. The resources include a variety of career profiles and short videos that have been developed as part of our project, and also resources that have been developed by other organisations.


About the ChemSTEP project!

The ChemSTEP project is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry through their Chemistry for All outreach grants scheme. This scheme aims to deliver several two-year programmes of chemistry-focused interventions that show explicit attention to the findings from Chemistry for All.

In the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at the University of Strathclyde, we have an established track record for successful chemistry outreach, however, we are cognisant of the persistent need for widening participation in Chemistry in higher education. The aim of our ChemSTEP project is to establish an integrated Student-Teacher-Employer-Parent network that is able to co-ordinate the provision of Chemistry-relevant career information to students, at all years of secondary education, wtih particular attention to areas of low social-economic status. This collaborative approach will ensure that students' intrinsic motivation for Chemistry is reinforced from multiple sources, including the unique approach of enhancing parental involvement.