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Welcome to the ChemSTEP project!

You will find resources here to help inform you about the variety of careers in chemistry, and hopefully be persuaded that a career in chemistry is for everyone. Depending on whether you are a student, teacher, employer or parent/carer, you can follow the link below to the appropriate section. If you are participating in one of our ChemDiverse activities, please also click on the appropriate link below to access relevant resources.


About the ChemSTEP project

We are excited to be a Supporter of Education Scotland’s STEM Nation Award programme. The programme supports ELC settings, schools and CLD providers to develop high-quality STEM learning in their setting and celebrates their achievements along the way.  

This website is one part of the ChemSTEP project, which is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry Chemistry for All project. The ChemDiverse resources for Primary and Secondary schools have also been funded by several grants from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Outreach Fund and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion fund, including the projects: ChemDiverse: Profiles, ChemDiverse: Videos, ChemDiverse: Primary.

The overall aim of our ChemSTEP project is to:

‘establish an integrated Student-Teacher-Employer-Parent network that is able to co-ordinate the provision of Chemistry-relevant career information to school students, with particular attention to areas of low socio-economic status’



If you are a student at secondary school or primary school and interested in learning more about the wide variety of jobs available to those who study chemistry, Chemstep can help!

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As a teacher, we know it is important to you for your pupils to be exposed to diverse careers experiences and information. However, we also know that it can often be challenging and time consuming for you to deliver this expectation for your pupils. ChemSTEP can help.

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Employers, learn about the ChemSTEP project and how becoming involved can inspire the next generation of scientists as well as raise the profile of your company.

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Parents / Carers

If you are a parent/carer of a student at secondary-school or primary school and are interested in learning more about the wide variety of jobs available to those who study chemistry, ChemSTEP can help!

 I am a parent or carer

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